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    Sunday, October 15, 2006

    The Horrible, Barely Good, Very Blah Day

    Before I left for work on my bicycle, I listened to a friend DJing on an internet radio station. DJ Wholf hosts the "Saturday Morning Cartoons" show on Synful FM internet radio. It was really nice to have good music and a friendly voice in the morning. *smile*
    When I got to work yesterday, nobody was there except the skeleton setup crew from campus. After a bit of mildly unpleasant discussion with a worker who had been there for several hours in the cold and had lost his sense of humor sometime previous to having encountered me, and a short chat with one of the main setup folks, I discovered that I had arrived an hour early. Seems the TV station was going to air the game live, and had to switch the times so that the game that was supposed to start at 2pm, was now scheduled to begin at 3. *rolls eyes* This is just great. I have scheduled to stop work at 1:30 (already loosing quite a bit of revenue) so that we can make it to the event we have scheduled to celebrate my mother's birthday. During the wait time, I ended up sitting on a wet porta-potty seat. Beautiful start to a fabulous day. *drips sarcasm*

    Meanwhile, Keebler was at home, cleaning house. Finally we were able to spare a moment from the last couple of weeks to get something done with the "drop, grab, run" mess that had begun to accumulate (laundry and the like) while we were uber-busy. He looks at the "Murphy's Law" plaque on our wall, and there is a knock at the door. Guess who?

    D.F.S. is at my door. Not that I wasn't expecting it. I mean it is the beginning of the school year (just like last year), and my kids still play outside during school hours (just like last year). One of these days, the neighbors will learn to mind their own business. I was sort of expecting it, really. *sigh* But Keebler is home alone. He has nobody to support him in standing up for his (and my) rights. So of course she does her assigned job of intimidating the crap out of him, and gains entrance into our home. *growl* I never would have given in. (Yes he heard about it later). To make it even worse, she "insisted" on coming to my work to check to see if Ladybug (who works with me sometimes) was safe, and to insult me. *hiss, spit* So I have a government worker at my JOB, making me sign papers and interrogating myself and my daughter in public. I informed her in no uncertain terms that she would not gain entrance to my home on Wednesday when she comes back for a "follow up". I did find out what the "report" was this time. It seems that if we can't be seen from the street, we aren't outside. Of course, that means that when we were working in the yarden while we had the girls harvesting walnuts off of the carport roof, that they were "playing on the roof without any adult supervision". I cannot begin to describe my anger at the wasted time and effort of these people who have to keep coming to our home because someone else couldn't keep their nose in their own business. That's half the problem with this country in the first place! We can't keep our attention on our own problems, so our country goes to shit while we run off and "rescue" the rest of the world. I can darned near guarantee that whatever busybody who reported us is up to her ears in debt and unhappy with her life. She probably also lives on talk shows and Jerry Springer, but that's another matter entirely.

    My mother showed up at my work to rush me to go at 1:20, and continued to harp on me even after I had packed up and come back home. She says she was so rude (screaming, rushing, harrying) because she didn't know how bad the rest of my day had gone before she came into it. I say that there is no reason to treat another being with such blatant disrespect, especially when it is obvious that they are already under some duress, whether one knows the reason for it or not. Maybe it's just me.

    So I had a panic attack, we missed the event, and life was groovy... riiight. Anyway, after two phyto-proz Supreme, and about a half-hour of me alternately shaking, crying and screaming, I was able to calm down to a stupor-like state where I stared off into space and breathed shallowly while my eyes leaked.

    When I was finally able to speak without breaking into tears, we arranged to go to the next showing of the Dixie Stampede (on special homeschooler discount rates!).

    On the way to the second showing, we were alerted to a mostly-flat tire by some friendly strangers in a white minivan. Thank goodness. We pulled into the first gas station we saw off of the highway for air. In Saddlebrooke, Missouri, the price for air is seventy-five cents. In Springfield, the maximum price is fifty cents. As we pulled up to the air compressor, the scene unfolded like this:

    Keebler: "Three quarters"
    Mother: "Three?"
    Me: "Inflation"
    Everyone but me: Giggling, snickering and laughing
    Me: "huh?"

    After they explained to me (in detail) my accidental double entendre (inflation= price increase as well as airing up), I got a light chuckle out of it as well. I was still in pretty bad shape.

    After getting lost twice on the way there (I wasn't driving this time!) we finally arrived and got in to see the show. It was lots of fun and the food was great. Littlebit got to join in on the chicken chase too! She won a medal (made of real metal!) and a board book (for playing, her team didn't win). I'll agree that it is the most fun place to eat in Branson, but what they neglect to tell you is that it is the calorie-burningest place to eat in Branson too! Despite all of the amazing food and the fact that we were all stuffed silly by the time we left (dragging our leftovers along behind us, so to speak), we were hungry again within an hour. As we left, we let the kids look at the horses and white homing pigeons that were used in the show.
    It was the first real fun I'd had all day.

    At the end of the show, they got all patriotic and I bawled. I couldn't help it. I Couldn't stop thinking about how sad it was that the majority of the people there, standing and cheering with pride for the flag and the light up costumes, had no clue that their beloved country was crumbling right under their noses. There were many tears for the ignorance of the majority of the American populace.

    Later that night, a new activist was born, amongst much suffering, immobilizing terror and many tears. It hurts when you have beleived that everything is allright for so very long, and suddenly you discover how very wrong you really are. Lastnight they spoke to me. Today they spoke to their mother. Be strong, brave one, freedom is in your hands.

    "Don't let the Bastards get you down" - Anon



    Faith said...

    I wish I'd given you a big big hug while I was there! {{{{{Kryistina}}}}}}
    I keep wanting to say, 'I believe in you,' like all the kids did to Peter Pan when Hook was telling him he wasn't really the Pan in the movie Hook. I believe in you K and I know you and your family will get thru this.

    TheRambleman said...

    I'm so sorry to hear that your day was so crappy, until you had a fairly decent time eating. *SUPER HUGS*

    Anonymous said...

    Wow, no kidding!! Hugs hugs and more hugs
    Here's hoping you have many good happy days ahead!

    Sionnach said...

    Sorry to hear about your awful day. At least you got a couple of good things out of it, though.