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    Sunday, September 10, 2006

    No Tush Left

    Didn't end up going to PPD yesterday because we had too much to get done for the events. That's alright though, as I heard it was pretty much a bust. Though that is what generally happens when the organizer of an event so efficiently alienates such a large portion of their target audience (Blogged Here). I still can't help but feel kind of sad for her though. I mean, she DID put some hard work and planning into it, and to have your work fall flat like that is upsetting.

    We finished painting and putting together the signs, blew up the balloons, put up all the signs, blocked off the workshop area, and packed the car.

    I left to do face painting at Bearfest Village (the MSU tailgate party thing for their home football games -MSU Calendar-) before the workshop started. Keebler forgot to pack the ties for the table signs, but other than that (and a bit of improvisation), work was pretty uneventful. An average day at the village, lots of great people, and a lot of fun. Except for this one couple. See, I was letting Ladybug paint with me (I started at 16yo, she started at 10) and she tried a new (for her) design for a little girl who was waiting in line (it was a long line). Ladybug takes longer because she has had less practice, and sometimes starts the work backwards (which looks horrid until one fills in the colors). So this couple starts raging. Serious rudeness. Telling me that I shouldn't be letting children do face painting, and telling Ladybug (repeatedly, and in a very insulting manner) how horrible and disgusting her work was. I should have just told them that I would wash off the paint and they could go elsewhere, but I am of the school that it is not fair to punish the child for the parent's behavior, so I erased and redid the work. Ladybug, however, was the utmost in professionalism. She didn't change her expression, cry, or let them know that they had upset her in the least. She told them that it always looks a bit odd when the design starts, but they refused to listen and just kept on insulting her. As I was re-painting the work, I was talking to Ladybug about where she had made her mistake, and instructed her to watch me paint for a bit, not be afraid to ask for my help or instruction, and to not try anything she thinks may be too difficult when we are working at an event, but to stick with and practice what she knows so that she can increase her confidence and speed. Of course, while that was all good advice that I would have given her anyway, without mean people attacking my daughter, I gave it right there in front of them so that they would know that what they said would have no bearing on how I ran my business. *grin* I really dislike people like that. We met and saw again several people from past years' games, groups we are members of, and old neighbors. Ladybug did eventually paint a bit more well after those people left. It was a good day overall, and as we were leaving, we were asked to return to all of the future MSU home games for more work. I'm glad they like us there, because we sure do enjoy painting all of these smiling faces.

    When we arrived home, we got the news of the workshop. Of the 14 people who RSVP'd, only three showed up. It was still a great workshop though, with Dliwehtfollac getting in some good teaching experience, and getting some pay for the long hours he spent hunting down wild materials for the kits to send home with the attendees. Since not many folks came, we now have some extras to save for the next workshop, which is really good because he has been asked to put on a demonstration at the alternative picnic this next Saturday. *smile* They took a video of fire-making during the workshop, but there were some problems with it, so we will be retaking that. He wants the next set of workshops to be held in a park for ease of directions, parking, and so forth. We agree.

    All in all, a fabulous day, even if we didn't manage to literally work our rears off (loose some weight in the process of overworking) Next week is gonna be even more fun! *chuckle*

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    lovelife said...

    sounds like you were very busy. I proubley would of not been as cool as you were with the rude people.

    Anonymous said...

    PPD was a success....over 170 in attendance with Warren and Michael getting us across that final 170 mark! Which is way past our attendance goal of 150 which is not bad for our first efforts. There were five workshops which were each attended by 20-30 attendees. With Poi and other entertainments. An offical site will go up soon with pictures of the event.

    Dave Schmidt
    Springfield PPD co-organizer

    Whimspiration said...

    Thanks for the news. I'm glad it wasn't as slow as I had heard it was.

    Andrea said...

    I would have loved to come to the workshop but we are all down sick. All four of us.

    I think something is going around and that may have caused the poor attendance. I hope you do it again sometime.

    TheRambleman said...

    Except for the people being rude to Ladybug, sounds like a fairly productive day. Awesome!

    lager said...

    hi K, cool blog,
    oh and by the way i have talked to lots of people who checked out p.p.d.ud, and i keep getting the same story over and over again, that at any given time there were at the most 40 people there, you guys know you cant count all the people in the whole park right? now i dont care that i was mentioned but my stepson in a minor, and i can sue your ass off for mentioning him (this is not dirrected at you K.) my wife the person who was the ORIGINAL P.P.D. coordinator is also pissed, plus she has also informed me that minors dont count on attendance according to national ppd rules, you guys might want to read them sometime. ;) official site? did you ever check with the prior coordinator to see if a website was set up already? i would also like to say that i enjoyed haveing a dumbass glare at me while jim sat next to her and glared at me too, it was fun. lmao!!!!!! showed me how much of a threat i am to them, i love that. who the hell is Dave Schmidt, anyway? and what truly qualifies "a success?" oh yeah you guys go ahead and lie and say you arent intimidated by me. lol. anyway have fun on vaction next weekend jim and kristi, have fun sitting at home and pretending your not there, just so you can be petty and not go to the pic-a-nic that pat is having finally, shit shes been talking about this for at least the 4 1/2 years i've been around, im glad she finnaly doing it. and how about you guys practice some of what you preach and show some respect to your elders, or are just hypocrites like the christians?........ dumbasses.

    sorry to say this here kristina, but as we all know i was banned from opal because i didn't kiss jim and kristi's ass.
    peace, cool blog.