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    Wednesday, September 13, 2006

    I've Been Blogged

    It is noon, I am wearing a sweater and long pants, and still I am freezing my tushie off. It is time to sort the clothes again and pull out the long thermal underwear. The girls's halloween costumes will have to be refigured to include leggings and sleeves to ward off the cold.

    I am seriously worried about the health and safety of my plants. The greenhouse goes up today, I don't care about not having anything to do at the workshop, my plants must survive. I'll just have to come up with something besides helping to put the sheeting on and moving the tomatoes inside of it that the atendees can do to help if they really want to do some work. Otherwise, I'm just going to be talking about greenhouses and how I built mine, then taking questions. *chuckle* I don't risk my plants for anything.

    Another lovely being of the blogosphere has deemed my words important enough to mention on his blog. Bruce bloggs news I haven't heard before, and writes with his heart. I have been reading his blog for about a month or so now, and consider him a valuable resource, as well as a kindred spirit.


    TheRambleman said...

    Very cool that someone you like blogged you. Congratulations! :-)

    lovelife said...

    I think that you do a good job on your post. so keep up the good work. cool that you were listed on someone elses post. so cool.

    Bruce said...

    Awww... I'm a kindred spirit *blushes* :O


    Ms. Kasey said...

    I enjoy both blogs. I have read Bruces for a few months now and came across your blog a few weeks ago while browsing (not much time for that in my world). Thanks for posting! Dedicated reader here! Keep up the great posting - educational on my end (especially with plants) I may be requesting advice soon with winter time coming :) just moved into a new house with new kinds of plants outdoors and I need to take care of them.