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    Thursday, August 10, 2006

    Yet Another Day

    Keebler finished setting up the final paperwork for his job, cleaned 1/2 of the bunny cages, cashed the check for the baby ratty boys that were adopted last week, and bought us all burgers for lunch.

    We had a lovely argument about how we were both so busy waiting for the other to be ready to go that we didn't ever get out of the house on time to actually DO anything, and I remembered that I have to finish filing the paperwork to be a registered rat rescue and upload a few new things to my website (so that people have a way to place orders).

    I somehow managed to sprain my shoulder while washing my hair in the shower. (or maybe it's a pinched nerve? All I know is the arnica isn't working)

    Ladybug made (as I watched and helped a bit with measuring techniques) vegan ribs (her first meat substitute) for dinner, and Keebler made the side dishes.

    We finally found and tried some of that pink mineral salt and it really does work! *shocked and amazed* It wasn't the brand I was bragging on recently, but it was effective, and that's all I was really looking for. Ladybug used it in her "ribs" which turned out looking a bit like strange miniloaves of onion french bread with sauce on them, but they taqsted really nice. Not good enough to put a recipe here yet though. Let me play with it a bit and I'll make it good enough for here. *grin*

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