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    Saturday, August 05, 2006

    A Week Behind, As Usual

    Copied the coloring pages, printed out the remaining necessary doccuments, stickers, and worm bin labels, finished up the coloring poster, worm anatomy chart, and worm life cycle poster, and laminated the full color demonstration pictures.

    We also cleaned all of the pet cages, gave the bunnies baths, moved everyone to their new cages as appropriate, laid new carpet in the boy ratty cage, and finished furnishing the boy baby ratty cage.

    In the household front, Ladybug is still not home from grandma's, Littlebit will be leaving with them in the morning to go to a "back to school" festival (we may school year round, but a free party with free school supplies is not to be missed!), and Keebler finished cleaning the kitchen to near perfection.

    *pant pant pant*

    More to do in the morning. Wish me luck!

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