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    Tuesday, August 08, 2006

    We Voted

    Went to the late registration for the school supplies and got hassled by rent-a-cop bob, who just assumed that we weren't going to the nearby bookstore and shooed us out of our hard-won parking spot, so I yelled at him about how the blood of innocent Iraqis was paying for me to find a parking space and he shouldn't judge a person by how they looked. I REALLY need to get more sleep before these big event things. *shamed blush*

    Come to find out it wasn't a late registration thing at all, but it was the actual give away, so we had a good bit of books, supplies, and clothes when we came out of there. On our way out, we saw a homeschoolers table!! *faint* oh my goodness. The happiness and the joy were unmatched except by maybe the suprise! *squee* We were allowed to get three items each for the girls extra because we were homeschooling. Of course the table didn't say "homeschool supplies" it said "teacher resources" but that was enough to get us to wander over to the table. *grin*

    We saw our friend Zma as we exited and stood around chatting for a bit while Keebler complained that his arm felt like it was going to fall off. *laugh*

    Stopped by Crosslines for some clothes for us and the kids (where someone had made or donated a good many containers to hold things in, including backets with which to carry your selections before you go up to the counter for counting and bagging. At the checkout we were asked how we liked the new baskets (they must be REALLY new) and I raved all about how handy it was and even made signage and placement suggestions, as some other shoppers had thought to take them (considering where they were, I don't blame them, as the baskets WERE in the free stuff area)

    After that we went to vote, where we saw another friend La, who didn't think she could vote because she had an expired ID and instead was doing a great batch of civic volunteerism by ferrying people without cars to the polls and back home. We (with the help of the pollsters) convinced her that she could indeed vote, to her suprise and joy, and she was registering right there as we left to head home. *smile*

    Upon arriving home, I tried to check my email and write this down but had no luck whatsoever, and instead the computer shut down on me about 4 times. (Keebler blames it on the heat), so I took a nap. I was seriously exhausted. When I woke up, Keebler was gone and the kids were plopped in front of the TV again. *sigh* At least they weren't fighting. When he came home, we were treated to a home cooked dinner of chili cheese dogs and potato chips. Aaaah junk food. *grin* It happens so rarely around here. *laugh*

    We just got back from the watch party for the primaries. So far with only 69% of precincts reporting, Midge Potts has 7% of the vote with 1,040 votes and is in third place in the polls with only 1% seperating her fron the current second place spot holder; Clendon L. Kinder who has 1,262 votes in his favor. Sadly, not enough people can see corruption when they see it, so Blunt is in first place yet again with 81% of the vote and 12,456 votes. *sigh* We had to come home because the girls were getting really tired. *smile*

    Remember, if you didn't vote, you can't B*7c#! See you at the polls next election!


    Fred Cannanza said...

    when you vote you give consent to the system

    TheRambleman said...

    Yeah, I don't know what it is about some Missourians and why they can't see how very corrupt things are right now.