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    Saturday, August 19, 2006

    New Neighbors, Rabbits, Chickens

    Keebler's outside measuring for the raised bed, Littlebit is watching TV, Ladybug is spending yet another night at her father's house, and we have a visitor here checking his email. *smile* I'm glad he stopped by, as I haven't seen him in a bit, and I was starting to miss him.

    We saw new neighbors moving in. They were suspicous looking. A bit too shifty-eyed for my liking, really. Looking at my stack of wood in a somewhat desirous manner like they were and such. Kind of creepy. But that wasn't the neighbors who were moving, that was his family. He's not even in town yet and they were moving his stuff in for him before he got here. I can only hope that he's a good person, or at least less creepy-seeming than the rest of his family *twitch* I'll happily tell my children to give the new neighbors a wide berth and to leave them alone. If he ever smiles or waves at us parents, then we'll go over and say hello.

    It's past time to breed the rabbits again, but I don't know where to get inexpensive cages, so I haven't done so. We need a minimum of 4 more cages in the next month, and that's without breeding again, just to house the rabbits we currently have. Then of course, I want to get some Aracauna pullets (female) so that I can start raising for farm fresh eggs here on the citystead as well. We'll have to keep the chickens in roomy cages or the greenhouse, but that's not too bad a life, especially when one considers how the factory farms do things *shudder*

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    TheRambleman said...

    Hope your new neighbor is better than your first impression. *hugs* As for the rabbits, if you need water bottles with nozzles, let us know, we've got several.