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    Thursday, August 10, 2006

    Missing Hair

    No matter how many times I tell and yell at Ladybug about cutting hair, she can't seem capable of understanding what I mean by " the only person who cuts hair in this house is me" and "don't you EVER cut anyone's hair again without my permission".

    So today she was cowering on the floor (she's a bit of a drama queen you see, she thinks if she cowers I'll feel guilty and she'll "get off easy") because I was yelling at her for cutting all but 1/2 inch of hair from the entirety of the front of her sister's head. She called it "bangs". Riiight. Anyway, Littlebit was in desperate need of some hair repair. Let's just say that she's really lucky that the pikie style haircut that looks like a preteen weilding a weedwhacker attacked your head is still in style. *laugh* It was literally the only style I could pull off with that little hair in the front.

    I was most upset because of the disobedience, but secondarily, I had been telling Littlebit just yesterday that her hair was finally long enough to give her pigtails. *sigh* The other thing that bothered me was that Littlebit won't be able to grow it long enough to provide extra warmth on her head for the fall and winter, so now she's stuck with a hat all throught the cold season. At least she still looks adorable. *smile*

    Other than that, we went grocery shopping, used the fax machine for the first time that we got from a friend several months ago, and I received some exotic seeds in the mail from France. *laugh* Maybe I should thank Paypal and Yahoo groups and Net Neutrality for my new seeds? *chuckle* Hey, I got citrus trees and Ylang Ylang seeds, I'm a happy woman!


    Homeschool Barefoot said...

    Oh my regarding the bangs .. at least you were able to pull it off. I bet she looks adorable. Isabella decided to do that to her own hair one time. Isaiah found her hiding under her bed with hair clipping covering the floor. Ha, I am 36 and do it to myself at times!

    Mama Chaos said...

    Oh no! My neice is always cutting her hair in big clumps, then cries for days because she wants really long hair like all the other little girls in her gymnastics group.