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    Sunday, August 20, 2006

    Camera, Computer, Feel Bads, Wermz

    We visited Hematite, who we don't see nearly as often as we should, and taught her how to make frybread. We found out once we arrived that it was her goal to have some for her birthday on Wednesday. *smile* We love helping, and making her birthday better made it even cooler! She let us borrow her camera, and we ran home to (let Storm get some rest), photograph the living hells out of the yarden (over 5o images in 15 minutes, there should be a competition) and get a couple of shots of Littlebit's head too. Despite some uncertainty to the contrary, the computer autoinstalled the camera and we were able to get the pictures off of it with no trouble at all. We didn't even need the software. *grin* I don't have time to upload them all right now, and we'll be taking more tomorrow, but here's a good shot of the corn against this evening's beautiful blue sky. It's getting tall. (pardon the incorrect date-stamp, I'm not going to go off changing her settings, ya know?)

    I hooked up the laptop to serve as a desktop computer, and as soon as we can, we'll be getting a USB mouse so I don't have to use the mouse on the laptop to navigate the computer. *chuckle* I will admit that is is much nicer to be able to have a full screen to work on that doesn't shut down every 15-20 minutes. Maybe now I'll be able to get more done in a day. *grin*

    When we got home and I finished setting up the computer, I checked my email and found out why Storm had been so reluctant to let me borrow her camera for even a short while. Seems when we bought a ratty exercise ball from them a few months ago, I forgot to give them the money for it. (I HAD said for them not to send it home with us until after we'd paid because I might forget due to my bad memory, but they insisted) I feel so hrooible for forgetting too (one of the other reasons I didn't want to risk leaving without paying). When we return the camera, we are SO going to bring the money with us for the ball. I feel like such a heel. I mean, seriously. What kind of friend forgets about money owed? It's not like me to forget about money, whether I owe it or it is owed to me. I just feel rotten.

    In cute news, Andrea called today and we had a fun chat about worms. Seems they have hatched some tiny little baby worms in her daughter's pet wormy bin and were all excited to verify the discovery and share the news. I'm so happy for them. If it keeps up, they may have to start a real family-sized bin just to house the offspring. It is good to see success. *smile* Success is sweet, even if it is just baby worms.
    And here's a lovely shot of Littlebit's mangled head. That look makes ya wonder what she's contemplating, doesn't it? She's still cute, even if I did give her a ring and we have to carry a necklace around with us when we go out in public. *snicker*


    lovelife said...

    well i had fun when you all were over. hope to see you all some other time when you all can stay longer. Hate going to bed at 8 or 9 at night lol
    change the date and time on cam if needed i proubley do not have the smarts to do that myself lol

    O and she is cute with her hair cut. bet she is not as hot this time of year.
    thanks for being a friend.

    TheRambleman said...

    That is a good picture of the corn. And a really cute one of littlebit too :-) I thought she was really neat when we were there, please tell her that. *smile*