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    Tuesday, July 11, 2006

    Rainbow Bridge and Bunny Pics

    Woke up, checked on injured baby, he is gone over the rainbow bridge. *sigh*

    Sexed the baby bunnies.
    Gothabunny is a girl as suspected,

    Brutus is a girl (anybody got a good strong name for a female?),

    the dark broken agouti is a girl,
    the light broken agouti is a male(he's doing the "sexy bunny stretch" like his daddy does all the time), and
    the black bunnies are two girls and two boys. I won't be able to tell the difference between them anyway since they are all back in the cage with mommy again, and when they are weaned and we are ready to seperate them into their sex-seperated youth cages, I will have to sex them again, but it's good to at least know what genders we have for future refrence.

    Went shopping for groceries that bear plantable seeds, and a few necessities. *grin* Found french vanilla goat milk ice cream. I am in love! Literally 10 minutes after I took it out of the bag it was gone (and we didn't have any spoons either!)

    The girls are spending another night over at their grandma's tonight, but I have promises that I will see them again tomorrow. My mom is such a flake when it comes to returning my children on time. :/

    Stopped in at Mardell Christian and Educational supply store. Very odd. The school supply area was amazing, and they're having their huge once-a-year 20% off sale on the 13th for all teachers (homeschool included) The crafts and school supply sections were amazingly supplied, and the majority of items there were not blatantly religous! *faint* We will SO be going back there day after tomorrow to get an easel and some other goodies for the girls and I if the budget allows it. (I haven't checked yet, too busy running errands and playing with all of the furry little babies.) *grin*

    And it is raining again. :D I really need a 55 gallon plastic food grade water catchment bucket with a lid. (especially if this keeps up)


    lovelife said...

    O the bunnies are all so cute.

    TheRambleman said...

    Woke up, checked on injured baby, he is gone over the rainbow bridge. *sigh*

    So sorry. *SUPER HUGS*