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    Saturday, July 15, 2006

    Park Day & Bunny Fun

    Loaded up Walenda and the baby ratties, as well as Doe and her babies into the car for a ride to park day.

    Picked up kids from mom's house in amazingly quick fashion, but didn't manage to stop back by after park day like I'd promised to because of later events.

    Mom tells me that the neighbor's grandkids started hitting and pinching Littlebit sometime yesterday(for something stupid like all kids get into arguments over), and that Ladybug jumped in immediately to fight back for her little sister, whereupon a screaming brawl ensued. I'm thinking: fighting bad, protecting sister good, screaming to get adults attention in a potentially dangerous situation good, not taking any guff from anybody good, fighting back good, not starting a fight, good. *ponder* It's no wonder she's not in any trouble for fighting. *chuckles and puffs up with pride. That's my girl!

    Got to the park day late because of loading up the furries, and many people were leaving when I arrived. But I did get to meet some friendly folks from Ava, so that was a good thing. *smile*We found a bag as we were leaving and tried to find the owner, but decided that it was probably belonging to one of the families that had left when we showed up, and we could just bring it with us to the next park day.

    One of the kids put on some gross perfumey commercial hand sanitizer, then immediately touched one of the bunnies, so I had to go rinse off the bunny to get the chemical nastiness off of her. Here is my poor wet bunny. She didn't seem to phased by it. When we got home, I had to wash all of their little feetsies with a wet washcloth because they had pottied while in the carrier and of course they got their feet wet with it. They even handled the foot cleaning well, so I think trimming their nails should be easy when they are older. *smile*

    After we got home, we got a phone call from our friends S&C asking us if we had maybe found a bag at the park. *chuckle* Bingo! So they came over to retrieve it, giving us an opportunity to show off our garden again (as if they haven't seen enough of it reading this blog, but you know how we love to brag on the tiny garden. *laugh*) . We ended up sitting in the garden chatting for hours. We're supposed to go visit sometime soon. I'm SO glad I got involved with the homeschooling group! We have 3 new families worth of new friends now. YAAAY!

    Tried to breed the doe and Roschorio tonight after we finished modifying the new cage for the baby bunnies (they're weaned now). I don't think the breeding took because he didn't do that weird roll-off-the-doe maneuver he did last time. We'll try again tomorrow. The kids thought it exceedingly amusing when he got confused and tried to first mate with her side, and then attempted a go at her face. We got him turned around though, and he DID at least mate with her, we're just not sure if he finished his business.

    Saw one of the baby bunnies trying to mount his sister. I though rabbits weren't fertile until 6 months?! I really gotta check that out again I guess. *blush*

    There would be more pictures, but somehow my prized posession, my digital camera, seems to be discentigrating on my more by the moment. The battery case is falling apart to such an extent that I am literally scared every time the batteries go dead. I think tonight was the night. We recharged the batteries, put them back into the camera, and nothing. *sigh* I hope my poor camera isn't dead. I've come to love the stupid thing. We're going to find some of the batteries from camping and try them. Please let it be the batteries that were bad! *crosses fingers*

    I didn't realize that the dehumidifier did so much to help cool the house until it got full 2 days ago, and we didn't empty it out. The whole time it was full, the house was sweltering and miserable! We emptied it today and the temperature in the house felt like it dropped about 10 degrees! I had Keebler turn off the air conditioner again. *chuckle*

    It's 3:15 am, I'm expecting a 2 hour phone call at 11am, I need to visit my mother, I have two appointments to visit friends sometime today after I awaken, and I still have to clean up the house! *pant pant*

    At least I'm not all blah and lazy again today. I think I'm going to blame the ick of the last few days on the exceedingly low barometric pressure. For some strange reason, I get really icky feeling and sometimes headaches before a storm or a rain. *sigh* You'd think it'd be different, 'cause I love rain. *laugh*


    TheRambleman said...

    Aww... cute bunnies :-)

    lovelife said...

    Hi not sure what we will be doing storm has to work sat. So give me a call b4 you head this way to make sure we are at home.
    Glad you all had fun at the park. That bunny sure looks cute.