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    Tuesday, July 18, 2006


    Wake up
    Check email
    Munch something
    Drink something
    I think maybe I'm allergic to colodial silver, or at least silver taken internally. I'm breaking out in a serious case of the pox. But other than that, it started OUT like a normal day. *smirk*

    Then I went to the Freecycle website, where I saw a post that was against the rules, but couldn't bring myself to delete it or even post a message to the sender about it. *sigh* I had to go visiting. So I speedily crammed the entire family into the car in a matter of mere moments (like 3 minutes, a new record!) and went over and picked through a bit of the offers, whereupon I realized that it was the wrong day, and I had made a SERIOUS oops! To make up for it, we stayed for about 30 minutes helping the person take more stuff out for the giveaway (which was slated for tomorrow, not today *blush*) We would have stayed for longer, but they had to leave the house, so we had to leave first. We've also volunteered to go pick up the leftovers after the event to deliver them to an appropriate assistance org if the family desires. I feel like such a heel!

    It was VERY hot outside.
    I'm not even sure what the temperature was.
    But I had an appointment to make.

    So we drive at the speed of a snail on terrazadone(sp?), which seems to be the new speed limit in Springfield, along with a manditory dose of duh given to every fourth driver on the road. *sigh*

    Sweating rivulets down my neck, and breaking out in a rash, I finally arrive, with my whiny children and grumpy mate in tow, almost late, to get my depo shot. Oh, I could spend minutes extolling the virtues of the depo shot, about how it distances me from some of the more unpleasant aspects of being a woman and SO much more, but I won't. *grin* That's not what this tale is about.

    So about 15 minutes of waiting, and I'm called in to get my shot. Only they tell me that they can't give me the shot, because I've copulated without a secondary form of birth control within the last 30 days! WHAT!?! So I argue the logic and logistics of their point as calmly as possible (when the nurse is tiptoeing around you and nearly wincing when you smile, you try to be as gentle as possible) until I discover that there is no way to change the DRs mind about the idea that I must stay abstinent for a month or wait untill unpleasant girliness rears it's ugly head before I can have the privelege of coming back into their office and getting a pregnancy test and then, if I haven't managed to get pregnant, they'll deign to give me the shot. *growl*

    I want my uterus removed! Not anything, just the annoying part.

    So my DR wants to control my reproductive freedom. I say not! I asked about getting a pregnancy test then and there just to prove I wasn't with child so that I could get the shot, but NO, I have to either disrupt my lifestyle entirely, or take a rish I'm not willing to take. I am SO done with having children for one, and for the other, I'll be damned if some overbearing rule-nazi is going to force me to contribute to the world overpopulation problem. Before I left, I told the nurse, That's allright hun, I'll just call planned parenthood, get some birth control pills, and give myself the uberdose listed on their website to force my body into a cycle, then I'll come back and get my shot. He was agast. Blinked a few times. said "you are more creative than most". *laugh* as if we didn't know THAT already *disdainful snort*

    I thanked him for his time and waltzed out into the waiting room, where I snatched the cooling band from Keebler, said "no depo for me today"and strode towards the exit. Keebler called to the children to follow, and I was trailed to the door by my loving yet confused family.

    We get home.
    There are many things I need to get done still.

    I do a couple of web searches, make a couple of phone calls, and begin those lovely arrangements for my depo from planned parenthood (HA, I win!). I am to call back on Thursday to verify they received the appropriate paperwork, and set my appointment for my depo. *smug grin*

    We wait for the sun to cool off a bit, work in the garden some, and Keebler rides his bike to the store to grab some benadryl. He wasn't even feeling very good, and he still did that for me (I was so ticked on the way home, I'd forgotten)

    I made dinner, helped a friend fix his computer, browsed the internet looking at websites that beg people to give them money. I'm not above asking for what I want, in fact, I do it all the time! (see side panel for my wishlist and dreamshare page) I just think it is fun to look at other people's pages too. I don't have much to give, but sometimes, I really like giving to those who seem to need it. And really, it's only a dollar, right? *grin*

    My good friend B called and we chatted for an hour without even realizing it. The bunnies still give kisses, even though I installed the salt lick yesterday. They are still the cutest cutlets I've ever seen. Roschoreo has started his "I'm a boy bunny" diet so that he can mate again. People already want me to breed him to their does, so there's another option for money making I hadn't planned on as well.

    I still have to call the mechanic, but now it's too late. I'll call when we wake up. I just hope he's not too angry. *sheepish grin*

    I'm tired now. 'Night all!

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    Mama Chaos said...

    Wow, the DR expects you to so that much just for Depo! After I had my first all they did was give me a test and ask if I was using any birth control, and then I could have it. Though Depo did my body horrible. I must find something to take this time, no more babies for me!