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    Sunday, July 16, 2006

    No Time

    Dropped By S&C's house lastnight to visit and go swimming, and ended up chatting for so long that we had to stay the night. *laugh* Ladybug taught herself how to swim the rest of the way, and Littlebit made huge strides towards doing the same herself.

    It was a great time, and we learned how to make colodial(sp?) silver too. It's been so long since I spent the night at someone else's house that it felt a bit foreign, like I was being irresponsible with my animals or something.

    We still haven't tried new batteries in the camera, but being without it kinda hurts. I really liked having a photoblog.

    When we arrived home, everyone was fine. We refilled water bottles and food dishes, did our daily chores (quickly), and got ready to go again. We're off to go visiting someone else now *grin* Gotta go!

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    lovelife said...

    so sorry storm was kind of rude when you all stoped by. But we do hope to see you all soon.