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    Saturday, July 01, 2006

    Gone Camping

    Okay, this is how this is going to work.

    We're going to be gone for the next week or so camping. We have a friend keeping an eye on the animals, gathering the mail, and watering the plants for us, and I'm taking along the laptop so that I can have posts ready for upload once we get back to an internet connection. I've paid all of my bills early so I have nothing to worry about while we're there or once we get back home.

    I'll be posting everything once we get back to babylon.

    Thing is, I know how much some of you look forward to my daily posts, so I'm going to post a bunch of news and such in advance of when I usually would so that you have something to read during the time I am gone. Read them one a day, or glut yourself on them all at once. I don't care, but know that I did all this work just for you. *grin*

    The baby rabbits have started eating solid food and are exploring their cage. The mommy rats have had their first out-of-the-cage-romp and enjoyed the heck out of it while I removed the igloo from their cage for them (they didn't like it). The kids are back home, Keebler has his child support check, and we may be leaving early if everything works out like we've planned. (We had bween waiting for my disability check to come in)

    As for what I would usually post later today, I can say with surety that the entire day will be spent getting ready to go camping. If anything else interesting happens, I'll post it when we come back home, as I KNOW I'll be too danged tired to post about it by the end of the day, even if we don't leave early. *chuckle*

    Much love, See ya later!


    Anonymous said...

    what disability? common sense?

    Heather said...

    Howdy Frizz,
    Thank you for the happy fairy gift of snake oil! Found it in the van while setting up camp that night after leaving the gathering. We were very excited!
    I loved meeting you & your family. Such awesome folks! I'll email some photos once we have them ready. I have a great one of you playing a flute with your nostril.