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    Monday, July 24, 2006

    DIY Hot Tub Discussion

    After I explained how I could make a hot tub out of an old discarded pool liner, some PVC, two low wattage aquarium pumps, and a couple of coffee makers, Keebler expressed shock. I guess he didn't think I could do it. *snicker* After a good natured ribbing which culminated in my accusing him of mocking me just to see how far I would go with a creative project, I turned to Keebler and said "Thou best be amazed at my 337/\/355 yo"

    He says it is against the rules to mix proper olde english, casual english, american slang, and l33t speak (jargon, lingo) in the same sentence. He also proclaimed shortly after that that it was only a sentence in the vaugest definition of the word because it had a subject and a verb (sortof). *snicker*

    He's still recovering from his pseudo-anuerism. *cackle*

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    Mama Chaos said...

    Ohhh, please post the plans for that one. I'm feeling in need of a hottub and a good project. ;)