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    Thursday, June 01, 2006

    Sleeping In

    Slept until 7pm. (give or take the random interruptions by the telephone and folks coming over to visit) Got some good snuggles, and the day went pretty smoothly. Likely because the children were gone and we adults finally got a good rest. *wry smile*

    Birdy was missing this morning. I'm going to assume his mommy took him back home or finished training him how to fly, as there were no feathers or signs of struggle anywhere. *smile*

    Took leftover mud stew over to the neighbors along with 2 loaves of bread and 2 bags of bagels from last night's bakery acquisition.

    Took a huge bag of bagels over to The Radish, along with a working coffee pot, more coffee, and the cleaned dishes from the potluck.

    I had a mud stew sandwich on sun dried tomato bread for breakfast, homemade chicken enchiladas for lunch, and chicken fingers with melted swiss for dinner. YUM!

    Worked a bit of midnight gardening, and hung some upside down tomato plants. The water garden is looking great, and the fish (when we can see them) look very happy. We are planning to buy a few more fish just to round out the population a bit and make the pond at least appear to be somewhat populated. *chuckle*

    Changed the batteries on the camera and *fling* went part of the battery cover. Across the desk it flew with abandon, trying to escape the drudgery of it's life of servitude. We captured the runaway and reattatched it to the camera with plans to buy super glue when we awaken so as to reaffix it permanently back onto the camera where it belongs.

    It's the first of the month, and the bills are all due. Right now I have over $500 cash. By 5pm, I will have less than $20 left. At least the bills will be paid off for the month. :D

    Keeb is going to go get a job so that we can maybe afford to start saving for the things we really want in life, like that land I'm always talking about, a couple of motorcycles, and a new laptop (because mine's keyboard committed sepuku yesterday). 'course there are always little things along the way that we wouldn't mind having as well, like a cell phone (or three) & family plan, and more cash to invest in the business...

    In happier news, we haven't had a cigarette since the last time I mentioned them in this blog over a week ago. The quitting is going well, even if we are still somewhat plagued by the psychological desire to keep smoking. We've already saved about $20 by quitting, and we hope the psy-cravings will dissipate completely very soon.

    I'm going to go to bed and try to get to sleep earlier than we have been. This inability to sleep at night stuff is killing our daytime productivity. *sigh*

    A downtown picture to liven up the post. Someone chalked a wall, and seems to have rolled a five.

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    the Dude said...

    For the Love of God doesnt that stew ever go bad!!!!!