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    Tuesday, June 20, 2006

    Newswire: Soda Tax

    A friend of mine sent this to an e-group we share:

    "An American Medical Association committee reportedly
    wants the federal government to impose a federal tax
    on soft drinks.

    The Chicago Sun-Times says the committee plans to
    recommend this week that the influential physician's
    group lobby for a federal tax on sugar-sweetened soft

    The money would go to anti-obesity efforts, such as
    physical activity programs and healthier school meals,
    the newspaper said.

    The Center for Science in the Public Interest estimates
    that a cent-a-can tax would raise $1.5 billion a year.
    The committee said one study found the odds of a child
    becoming obese increases 60 percent for each additional
    can of pop consumed each day. However, the committee
    report noted that other studies have found no link
    between soft drinks and obesity, the newspaper said.

    Kevin Keane of the American Beverage Association
    called the tax "misguided." "It will not move the
    needle 1 ounce in addressing health and wellness
    issues," he told the Sun-Times.

    What are your thoughts on the government imposing a
    federal tax on soft drinks?"

    I think it's kindof silly really, but it doesn't bother me much because we very rarely drink sodas. See, it's that whole bad for your health, leaches calcium from your bones, artificially flavored, artificially colored, bad for your teeth,makes you fat thing that keeps it out of our house in the first place. *chuckle* Not liking the whole governmental controll issue though. Not that that's anything new. *smirk*


    Anonymous said...

    Remember, US citizens are nothing more than Federal Government PROPERTY. Designed to be bred like cows, tax-milked like cows, then slaughtered when no longer profitable to the farmers in Washington. Maximum farmer-profits
    can only occur when the herds are strong and healthy during their
    tax-milking years. So when some of the cows are observed insisting on
    consuming hay that is not healthy (like soft-drinks), two things need to be accomplished; Liquidation of these assets (the cows) to retrieve the original investment before the cow gets sickly and worthless (obese); Plus, a DISincentive for the cows to continue reducing its self-value to the farmer.

    In a sick sort of way, I guess it makes logical sense.

    TheRambleman said...

    This is just another case of the nanny state trying to protect us from ourselves, and will accomplish nothing but more money in big business coffers.