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    Wednesday, June 14, 2006

    Moving Right Along

    There was a lot less done yesterday than should have been. Everyone was on edge, grumpy and feeling rushed. A general sense of mild panic pervaded the house since the moment we woke up.

    Had a call from the TV person yesterday to do filming for the next show, and wasn't able to get back in contact with her for 2 hours because of the problems we were having with the printer and computer, and the seeming inability for the machines to work together to print text in black. Prints pictures in black&white just fine, so I guess there is a new gnome in the system? *shrug* By the time I was able to contact her, she was not available, so we didn't get the filming done. *sigh*

    I gave up on doing the fliers at home, and instead burned off the file and was getting ready to go when IA showed up, 30 minutes early, to go to the used curriculum fair. Keeb told me she had arrived, and I expressed my ire about it in no uncertain terms to Keeb, and being dense as a rock, he turned back to me and said :are you okay dear?" and "what's the matter?". *growl* Needless to say, I started screaming a lovely copious string of obscenities, with the door wide open, not caring who heard me. Looking back, I feel kind of bad about throwing a fit, but even so, I feel like I earned it. *smirk*

    Lucky for me, IA rocks hardcore, and she had to stop off at the bank to get some cash anyway, so we stopped in at Kinkos and printed up 100 fliers. Having no time to do so ourselves, we had them machine fold them for us (at 3cents a sheet, that's a good price) But they were folded wrong (we use a z fold). Yet another bump in the road. But that's okay, because of the mistake, I didn't have to pay for the folding, and really, even though they were a bit goofy looking, they were still functional. *shrug*

    So I went to the fair, put out a couple of stacks of fliers, spent $15 on 2 huge bags of goodies for the girls to play with when they want to, participated in some not-so-subtle marketing by handing fliers to all the folks I bought stuff from, and saw several friends. *smile* It was a good time. As we left, I grabbed up all but 20 of the fliers from the tables (waste not) and skedaddled. The fliers went over pretty well, as there were only about 56 left when I grabbed them to go home. *grin* I can only hope that I will get a good response out of the advertising.

    Later in the evening, I called another friend and chatted for a while. We're visiting her later today.

    We were so worn out by the end of the evening, that we didn't have the energy to go to the bar with my basket. I feel really bad about missing the guys, but there's always next Tuesday, and I bet they'll be at the pride fest too. We're just SO busy!!

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    Rambleman said...

    * Well, at least the day turned out okay, even though it started out rough.