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    Tuesday, June 27, 2006

    Forgot What Day It Was

    (A picture to liven up the post)

    Let me start by saying the weather today was fabulous!

    Keebler went to look for a job this morning while Littlebit and I worked in the garden a bit more. We yanked up some treelings that were growing too close to the shed (roots destroy foundations), and cut down another sapling that was starting to get too big (again, too close to a shed).

    I also finished putting together the new ratty cage for the girls. After we cut the carpet for over the wire floors, they can move in. (They're littter box trained)

    When Keeb came back, we went to the big home improvement store and bought an oxycetelyne torch for use in culling the herd of wild bicycles. Soon we shall (if all goes as planned) a new 'transforming' bike trailer with a lid, and at least one of those fancy-schmancy kid trailers that is built like a bicycle lacking the front wheel so the kid can help pedal. *grin*

    We also moved the upside-down tomatoes to a sunnier spot so that they could start to put on some flowers. We had to turn them right-side-up to do it, but we staked them nicely, and hopefully they will flip over again and do well. We wouldn't have thought to move them, but one of the plants had somehow managed to nearly sever itself at the stem be3cause of the recent windstorms. We flipped it and put in a lot more dirt at the now-top in the hopes that it will root from the stalk and survive to give us some fruit.

    Picked Ladybug up from her biodad's house, chatted for a bit, then dropped by the library for some videos. We were driving home for some well-earned rest, when I remembered that today was monday, sent Keebler in to grab some horchata ice cream treats, and had him lock up his bike, then headed to The Radish.

    At the radish, there were even more new people, and cups to paint! *grin* The capatalism corner had been expanded to include a clothing rack with Radish shirts, and the beverages were selling well. At the end of the night, we counted to beverage donation box, and there was over $15 in it! I'd say that means selling cold beverages is a hit. The cups should be on a rack being sold within the week if all works out well. It was really neat to use the bake-on paint. I gotta get meself some of that stuff. *grin*

    We also pseudo-scheduled a few play dates for a bit further in the week. I hope we can find the time for it all *chuckle* The bunnies are nearly doubling their size every 2 days, and the rat babies are growing strong.

    *ponder* When I started writing this, I had thought it had been a rather uneventfull day. I guess it was busier than I had thought. No wonder I'm tired.

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    Amber said...

    Although the "capitalist corner" is a cute phrase, it is difficult for me to completely endorse the phrase as used in the Radish. As a small source of support the "capitalist corner" is grand, but longterm support from community members is what an infoshop such as the Radish truely needs.