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    Friday, May 26, 2006

    WAY Late

    We lost another fish yesterday, and I wonder; do mosquito larvae eat fish if the larvae are large enough and the fish small enough? Probably not, they were walmart fish after all. *shrug* In other fishy news, we seem to have misplaced the fish food we just bought, and the little swimmers seem to be out of larvae-lunch already! We'll keep looking for the food flakes, but all signs point to the fact that this fish prevention of mosquitoes breeding in our catchment barrels thing was a REALLY good idea.

    Washed a load of laundry using the car. It was an interesting experiment in alternative cleanliness methods, but I really think a more expedient method would work better except in cases when we are traveling back from camping or some such, where we can wash the clothes on the way back home, then dry them on the line when we get home. How it works is this; You fill 5 gallon pickle buckets with clothes, soap, and water (with room for agitation). Seal the buckets and put them into the trunk of your car for about 20 miles or so. Open, press, dump, refill with clear water, drive another 20 miles, open, press, wring, hang to dry. Wringing would be a lot easier if we had an old mop bucket wringer...

    Several good friends contacted us yesterday, either via email, messenger, or dropping by to visit. It was great to hear from them all, but I was so busy I didn't have a lot of time to pay proper attention to them. I feel kind of bad about it, but then again, they're my friends, and they know I'm nearly always busy, so. *shrug*

    Fetched some more lovely goodies at the grocer's, and played with the web cams to see which one had a better picture using Yahoo Messenger.

    Today was a very busy day, and I am simply too tired to post all about it. I promise a detailed, informative, and fun post tomorrow to make up for the wait. *grin*


    Sarah said...

    They will probably eat the mosquito larvae- ours love them! In summer I leave a special container of water out for mozzies to breed in and then scoop the larvae out with an old tea strainer before putting them in the fish bowl. You wouldn't believe how excited they get to be allowed to kill some live prey :)

    Anonymous said...

    * Yeah, you do seem to *always* be busy. But like you said, that's the price of success. -smile- As for the laundry-washing in the
    trunk - that's interesting, had never even HEARD of that idea. You're so resourceful :-)

    * Sorry to hear about the fish :-(