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    Friday, May 05, 2006

    Happy Cinco De Mayo! & Other Stuff

    Happy Cinco De Mayo everyone! May your fiestas be joyous and full of good music & great food! Lefarga likes his celebratory shrimp. *grin*

    From Comments: Rambleman Says.... "It's also really good that those busses are bio-diesel. I've heard that it's not that hard to convert a vehicle to run on it, but I don't know any more than that. "

    If you have clean, completly processed biodiesel, you can literally dump it into the tank of any diesel vehicle. The conversions folks talk about are mostly for folks who dump filtered used oil or minimally treated oil into their diesel tanks. The modifications to the engine make it so the vehicle can burn nearly or completly untreated filtered oil.

    Of course if you have a gasoline engine, you would likely have quite a bit of work ahead of you to make it into a diesel before it could acceopt the new fuel... (not that I'm an expert, but that's what I've been led to beleive.) *grin*

    The girls are off with gramma for the day and overnight to give us a bit of time alone. She expects us to go to the Cinco De Mayo pub crawl, but I'm not into pub crawls in the least. *laugh* The most fun thing about pub crawls is watching the drunks stumble around on the sidewalks, and that gets old pretty fast. This is my mom's birthday present to me. (my birthday is on the 7th) She's also taking them shopping so that they can buy me mom's day and birthday gifts. *smirk & sigh* The best present they could give me is if they cleaned their room and kept it that way, but I doubt that'll happen in the next few months, so I'll have to happily accept the trinkets they bring home. *chuckle* It's the thought that counts, and the girls are nothing if not thoughtful. *smile*

    We may actually end up going to the pub crawl if for only one reason. I bet I could get one heck of a lot of people to sign the petition for network neutrality if I took my laptop down to the square. *evil grin* This thing is REALLY important to me!

    I had something special today for breakfast, an egg & peanut butter sandwich. *grin* Now, knock it of you and your "icky", It wasn't in your mouth, it was in mine, and I enjoyed every bite thoroughly. *thbbbbt* I haven't had one of those in about 4 years, and sometimes you just crave an old favorite. *laugh* I used to eat these for breakfast all the time when I was a teenager.

    Made chicken noodle soup for dinner out of the stock from yesterday's chicken boiling, it was tasty as usual. Finished planting the rest of the bulbs & seeds around the neighbor's yard, transferred the spaghetti squash seedlings to their final growing pot, emptied the kiddie pools, designed the garden plot on paper, washed & hung three loads of laundry, and got the drainage holes punched in the sand pool.

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