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    Sunday, May 14, 2006

    Goulash, Plants, Cleaning, Comments

    Another quiet day today. Keebler made goulash, which was delicious, and readied some more planters for the container garden. The neighbors came over and showed off their mini dwarf bunny. He is the CUteSt little ball of black fuzz I have ever seen! *giggle*

    The girls cleaned their room with a vengeance, and I finished fixing yet another bit of the website problem. Now comes the hard part... Fixing a problem that has been asked a million times on the internet, but hasn't been answered satisfactorally by anyone. Wheeee fun! That's okay, I've done it before! *grin*

    Tomorrow, I'll be replanting the seeds that died in the first round of frozen storms when I had them out too early. Darn me and my impatience! *chuckle*

    The newly repotted plants are doing well, and yesterday's post has the most comments on it that I have received to date! (5) Woohoo! *grin* Then again, it also has the most pictures of any single post thus far too. *chuckle*

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