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    Friday, April 14, 2006

    Wild Herd Of Bicycles

    Well, we're getting new neighbors, so we have to get all of our stuff out of the sheds that belonged to the unoccupied houses. We're a bit opportunistic you see. *grin* Only when it's harmless though, and the manager doesn't mind, as long as our stuff is out before the new tenants arrive. We're hoping that the male cheerleaders we have moving in will be as nice as the ones we already have living in the area. *smile*

    My mate, who loves to sit on the computer and read webcomics, decided to be a dear and bust his poor underworked tushie yanking everything out of 3 different sheds so that when they move in, they will have a place to store their stuff. *laugh* I spent part of the day digging up the front yard of one of the units so that I could plant perennials, which will preferably sprout before they move in and think they have a nasty, ugly dirt patch for a front yard. I thought I'd have more time. *laugh* You begin to think things like that when you live next to a place that hasn't been rented in over 6 months. *wry smirk*

    He made quite the mess of the driveway, but with the help of some of our neighbors, we all managed, after dark, to get our camping gear, random stuff, and our herd of wild bicycles corralled into our sheds. See, we were helping out with Critical Mass in our city a tiny bit last summer, and had gathered up a bunch of unwanted bicycles with various defects for spare parts to assist folks with repairing their bikes and the like before the rides. When winter arrived, the time had come to take the leftovers back to our house to store for the season. We have 6 complete bicycles, 3 of which are in working order. *laugh* My bicycle was stolen last fall (I'd had it for over 12 years, and some doofus left it unlocked for a full day and it was poofgone *deep sigh* It was the first large purchase I had ever made with my own money) Anyway, we have problems as small as a flat tire, and those as large as broken frames to deal with. *laugh* Keebler says he knows how to repair bicycles, so hopefully the one women's bike we scavenged can be repaired and I'll have something to ride again. It'd be nice to add that to my exercise regimen (and trips to the store to save gas and the planet)

    Everything is out of the sheds except for what looks like it belongs there (some random building materials). Tomorrow there is more work to be done including fixing the locks on some of the other sheds around here and tossing out a washing machine & dryer that were left behind long before we ever moved in so that we can use yet another unclaimed shed. *snicker* Nobody wants it. *shrug* after we clean out the unclaimed one, we're putting our building supplies into it. *grin*

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