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    Sunday, April 09, 2006

    Studio Views

    This image is my dream view from my studio... almost. To have it truly be my dream view, it would have to have a wild forest right outside the back fence instead of a road, and there would definitely be at least couple of chickens, my children and a goat in the picture. There would probably be more trees in the yard too, all growing fruit, nuts & berries. *grin* I acquired this image from here. I don't know anything about the site because it was unavailable when I visited it. But anywhere that looks this good has to be a nice place. *smile*


    Ellen said...

    Whether this is your view or not, I can see why you'd want it to be! Welcome to SF!

    Abbie said...

    Great image.. maybe a tree swing too! It made me smile! :)
    thanks! ~Abbie

    susan said...

    Yes a tire swing would be great and then you could pass the time swinging and dreaming, plotting and planning!

    Whimspiration said...

    *laugh* My kids strung up an old tire they found in the alleyway to one of our trees just today! Coincidence?

    firstborn said...

    i like your dream view!

    FaerieMama said...

    oh I love love love your dream view too. I am stuck with this secret fantasy that plays over and over in my head, where all the unschooling nature-loving kid-adoring magical kind joyful kindred spirits of the world ALL lived in the same tree-laden village. Why can't it be so???
    THanks for showing us your dream view. you're not alone :)