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    Friday, March 24, 2006


    Here's a sound file of us all saying hello to you. I promise it'll get interesting soon, I just want to get the introductions out of the way first :P

    Our family consists of four people and two rats. The people are myself (FrizZ), my mate (Keebler), and our two girls, known together as The Kidlettes, or seperately as Little Bit (5yo), and Ladybug (11yo).

    Our rats' names are Lafarga and Hidiki. Hidiki is a seal point (siamese) cream rat, and Lafarga is a capstripe silver tip creme. They are both "fancy rats" and were bred for coloration, health, and personality. They are brothers and are about 1.5yo. I'll post a pic of them soon.

    We are unschooling city-steaders running a Certified Naturally Grown container garden in our apartment's small backyard and having a lot of fun. I run my city's Freecycle(tm) group, and together we all contribute to our home-based business (the website's not anywhere near done yet).

    I figure that's a good enough intro for now. Talk to you later!

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